• Regalos aeronáuticos para pilotos y aficionados a la aviación
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Material para Pilotos

Almohadillas/Ear cushion Telex Airman 8+
39,99 EUR

Repuesto de almohadillas de polipiel para cascos Telex Airman 8+. (Un par)

Replacement leatherette ear cushions for Telex 8+ headsets. (Pair)
Almohadillas/Ear Pads Telex Airman 7/750
12,99 EUR

Recambio de almohadillas para los cascos Telex Airman 750/7.

Replacement Telex foam ear pads for the Telex Airman 750/7 headsets.
Calculador CR-3 Jeppesen / Flight Computer
38,00 EUR

Calculador circular CR-3 de Jeppesen

Jeppesen CR-3 Flight Computer.

Cap PILOT (Blue)
12,00 EUR

Gorra de la marca PILOT.

PILOT cap.

Cap Pilot ASA
14,99 EUR

Newly designed pilot cap featuring comfort headbandand classic wings logo.

Chart Organizer PILOT
19,90 EUR

Organizador de cartas de vuelo de PILOT

Chart Organizer PILOT.

Chart Wallet Book-Style  ASA
16,99 EUR

Six double-sided pockets hold 12 maps between richlygrained black vinyl covers.

Computer E6-B Circular Flight  ASA
34,99 EUR

High quality, easy-to-read circular flight planningcomputer for performing flight calculations. Vinyl case and instruction bookletincluded.

Docubag cover PILOT
17,90 EUR

Funda para documentos de PILOT

Docubag cover PILOT.

Flight Bag ASA
79,95 EUR

Bolsa de vuelo ASA

Flight ASA bag.

Flightlight™ ASA
18,99 EUR

Flashlight features red and blue-green lenses, andfocuses from spot to flood light.

Fuel Tester Aircraft  ASA
6,99 EUR

Fits all quick-drain valves and has an adapter for recessed drains. Includes bolth Phillips and slotted screwdriver tips.

Headset AirClassics HS-1A ASA
189,00 EUR

Communicate with advanced technology, maximum comfort,sleek look, and a Lifetime Warranty — all for a reasonable price!

Headset Bag AirClassics Single ASA
22,99 EUR

For those who like to fly with minimum baggage, thisholds one headset, and has extra pockets and all-around padding.

Headset Bag PILOT
19,90 EUR

Bolsa para cascos PILOT

Headset pilot bag.

Kit Piloto Jeppesen
589,00 EUR

Kit de Piloto Jeppesen con todos los productos imprescindibles.

Kneeboard iPad mini 3  ASA
68,99 EUR

Professional portfolio offers flexibility andprotection in the air and on the ground.

Fits iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini 4.

Kneeboard i-PILOT phone
26,00 EUR

Piernógrafo para móviles de PILOT

Kneeboard for phone PILOT.

Kneeboard i-PILOT tablet
49,90 EUR

Piernógrafo para tablets de PILOT

Kneeboard for tablet PILOT.

Kneeboard PROFI
29,90 EUR

Piernógrafo de anillas para fichas de PILOT

Kneeboard PILOT.

Kneeboard Transparent Pockets A5
7,00 EUR

Fichas transparentes para archivar de PILOT 10 uds

Transparent pockets A5 PILOT. 10 pce

Kneeboard Tri-Fold IFR ASA
45,99 EUR

Strong aluminum tooled clipboard silkscreened withimportant IFR information fits into black 3-panel jacket. Has room for charts,books, flight computers, etc.

LED Flashlight (Green/White) ASA
39,99 EUR

Compact, durable and bright LED flashlight is idealfor the flight bag and night operations.

Logbook cover Professional PILOT
34,90 EUR

Funda para logbook de PILOT

Cover pilot logbook professional.

Logbook International Pilot Log ASA
13,99 EUR

These international logbooks follow all FAA, ICAO, andJAA recordkeeping requirements pertaining to pilots.

Microphone Muff ASA
6,00 EUR

The Microphone Muff is the easiest and most effectiveway to protect your headset microphone and improve transmission clarity.

Pilot Bag AirClassics ASA
52,99 EUR

The bag you want for your everyday flying. Big enoughto hold everything you need but compact enough to carry and store easily.

PILOT Bag Daily
39,90 EUR

Maletín de vuelo Daily

Daily pilot bag..

Pilot Bomber Jacket Green
56,00 EUR

Cazadora de Piloto Bomber verde.

Green Pilot Bomber Jacket.

Pilot Briefcase AirClassics ASA
33,99 EUR

Designed with padded 600D Nylon, non-slip detachablecarry-strap, and comfort grip handle, this handsome pilot briefcase has roomfor all your flight and ground school necessities.

PILOT Flight Bag Weekend
89,90 EUR

Bolsa de vuelo para piloto weekend

Weekend pilot flight bag.

PILOT Jacket General Aviation
89,90 EUR

Cazadora de Piloto General Aviation de PILOT.

PILOT Jacket General Aviation.

Pilot Money Clip Set
25,90 EUR

Set con un monedero de clip magnético, un llavero y un bolígrafo de PILOT.

PILOT money clip set.

Pilot Passport Set
29,90 EUR

Set con funda para el pasaporte y llavero de PILOT.

PILOR passport set.

Pilot Wallet Set
49,90 EUR

Set con un monedero, un llavero para 6 llaves y un bolígrafo de PILOT.

PILOT wallet set.

Pilot Wings Gold 5cm
8,90 EUR

Alas doradas de PILOT de 5 cm.

PILOT wings gold 5 cm.

Pisacorbatas avión bañado en oro/ airplane gold-plated tie clip
14,99 EUR

Precioso pisacorbatas con diseño de un avión bañado en oro, incluye estuche de ragalo.

Beautiful gold-plated tie clip with airplane. Includes gift box.

Pisacorbatas avión bañado en plata/ airplane silver plated tie clip
14,99 EUR

Precioso pisacorbatas con diseño de un avión bañado en plata, incluye estuche de ragalo.

Beautiful siver plated tie clip with airplane. Includes gift box.

Plotter Ultimate Fixed ASA
16,99 EUR
Made of Lexan®. Features 8 scales to meet the needs of all VFRaeronautical charts — nautical on one side, statute on the flip. Lifetime warranty.
Polo shirt PILOT
25,00 EUR

Polo de PILOT.

Polo shirt PILOT.

Roller Ball Pen ASA
5,00 EUR


The ASA Pen is the new Papermate® Breeze Gel. It is great for E6B use. Its dark, fine lines are easy to see, yet easy to rub off!